A boutique narrow forcused full service advertising agency provides professional brand development, graphic, advertising, web design, email marketing solutions and social media marketing

Mad Art is a professional small full service advertising agency who specialised in providing brand building, below the line (BTL) advertising campaign strategy and development and direct marketing, online web solutions, social media marketing and packaging design. Mad Art has proven experience in: company logo design, branding and corporate identity (ID), graphic design, customised web design, advertising campaign strategy and creative development, graphic and packaging design, corporate brochure design, product catalogue design, stationary and e-commerce website design, social media marketing solutions, Wordpress or customised web content management systems (CMS) and business email marketing campaign solutions (eDM - email direct marketing). Mad Art is providing its creative design services to its clients in Melbourne, Sydney and from all over Australia and overseas.

Our clients ranging from corporate, small online business, not-for-profit organisation and government departments. These clients expect high standard and value for money professional effective advertising and marketing strategies on both online and print media. Mad Art is an Australian owned company and do not out source work to overseas. Mad Art has 100% customer satisfaction rate due to we are highly creativite, innovative and effective. We have the ability to meet deadline and budget requirements and most importantly Mad Art provides personal and attentive customer support. Our efficient response time and our attention to detail ensures that we are able to exceed our clients expectations.

Please contact Mad Art for a free marketing and advertising consultation now. Our consultants Mok and Alisa are here to assist you with measureable advertising and marketing plan and strategy. Mad Art offers obligation free quotation for company logo design, branding and stationery design, graphic advertising design, packaging design and product display stand design, brand identity design, web design including search engine optimised (SEO) website and content management system (CMS), Wordpress website solutions, social media advertising and marketing, Google AdWord campaign and SEO PPC management, blog, twitter, corporate brochure, product and services catalogue design and Otto email marketing solution (eDM).

Logo Design and comprehensive branding

Mad Art standard logo and brand design starting from AUD $3,200 plus GST including: a logo design and four corporate stationery design (Business Card, Letterhead, Envelopes, Corporate Presentation Folder, Presentation Templates, Powerpoint presentation template, Word template, Email template, with Compliments Slip, CD/DVD Cover or Document Cover.)

Your logo or brand is the one thing that sets you aside from everybody else. The logo or the brand is a name, a term, a symbol or a design that identifies the goods and services of one business and differentiates them from those of their competitors. A strong logo or brand identity (id) is a company's most valuable asset and it should last for a long time. Just look at some big brand design such as Coca-Cola, GE, IBM and VW. Logo is an icon or symbol that represents a unique identity to a company. Branding is an experience the company gives to its customers. Mad Art designs unique and memorable logo designs that will look good for years because we understand that you need to standout from your competitors and always look better than them. We can give you a strong brand impression and create a consistent corporate identity design. By careful brand management we can help ensure that your logo and your brand enjoy high brand loyalty and awareness.

Get a branding or logo design quote today.

Do I need a logo Design or branding?

Web Logo Design or an online branding - Mad Art's web logo design is a logo designed for an online store or a webpage. The final logo is optimised for online or screen view only and will be sent via email. For online branding, Mad Art will design the logo and your web site homepage to show you how the design and colour scheme work to give a complete online branding experience.

Print Logo Design and general branding - Logo design for businesses without a web presence. The final logo finished artwork can be prepared in CYMK, PMS or Spot colour. The EPS logo artwork will be sent via email. Branding included logo design, stationery and presentation materials.

Mad Art's comprehensive brand development - Our comprehensive brand development provided logo design and complete branding experience for businesses that offer their services, information and products both online and offline. This branding development included logo, stationery, web design, marketing materials design, digital media design, design template for advertisements, product dispaly stand, packaging design and etc.

Stationery design usually comes after logo design. You can choose 3 out of the 4 standard types of stationery design (business card, letterhead, with compliments slips and envelopes.)

If you're looking to redesign your current logo for your organisation, please contact Mad Art and we can assist you in the process.

Too many logo design concepts

There are many logo design companies out there are offering 6, 8, 10 or more logo design concepts for a very cheap price. It tells you that these companies are not a professional logo design company and they will not be able to provide professional corporte identity design to your company. Ask yourself, do you really need that many logo designs. Offering you more than 3 logo design concepts will make it harder for you to pick the best and the right one for your business. You are able to pick the perfect logo design out of 3 logo design concepts from Mad Art because we provide comprehensive market research and design rationale of our logo design concepts and brand development. Before we do our market research, we listen and understand your brief, your business requirements and objectives. Our designer will present 3 logo designs or branding design concepts that meets your brief and objective because they are supported by market research and design rationale that will make it easy for you to identify the right logo for your company.

What makes an effective and successful logo design

Although logo design is designed for your company, you should make the selection based on your target audience perception of your company. Ask yourself how would you like your customer feels about your company, product or services. Does this logo design reflecting that feeling? How would they reseponse to this logo design? A logo design can never be designed to please or target at everybody. Difference age groups, businesses and services will response differently. The logo design must work for both your business and your primary target audience.

Getting the right logo design company to design your logo and corporate stationery identity

Mad Art is the best logo design company to design your logo and corporate stationery. We are a brand buider and that makes us the logo design expert. Mad Art has design logo and stationery for many small businesses. We have build and established many successful strong logo design and created many strong brands for small to medium businesses. Mad Art's designers are able to explore your logo idea and produce the most appropriate logo design concepts fixted to the image you wanted to have. If required, our designers will also able to create the best suited logo design dillustrate your company's personality from your brief and understanding your company's background. Our logo design will give your target audience the right impression and trust. The professional logo design combined with your good product and services, your customers will trust your brand and you can attract new businesses very easily.

If you're looking to redesign your current logo for your organisation, please contact Mad Art and we can assist you in the process. Good strong logo design with strong and consistant brand identity is the secret to gain strong barnd image and recogniation. There is no difference when comes to logo design for a small or a big company. The amount of work and time to develop the best logo design are the same.

Who needs a logo?

We provide logo design and stationery design for any new business, logo design and stationery design for any new company, logo design and stationery design for a product range, logo design and stationery design for a service or logo and stationery design for an existing company or establised businesses. Besides your corporate stationery, the application of your logo design is imporatnt on all your marketing materials such as presentation folder desig, brochure design, poster design, out door advertising design, billboard design, in-store promotional stand design, product display stand design, newspaper ads annual report, In-Store Promotional Material, magazine or newspaper ad, POS, promotional stands, flyer, exhibition stands, website design, banner design, powerpoint presentation, pacakaging design, label design and advertising promotional gifts design.

Packaging Design

Mad Art Packaging and Label Design from AUD $550 including: FMCG Branding, Wine Label Design, Retail Products, Household Products, Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, Industrial Products, Beauty Products/Cosmetics, Fashion Branding, Homewears design.

A good and effective packaging design must be innovative and eye-catching. Your product is easily lost in the shelf amoung your competitors' products. Your only chance to standout is depends on if your packaging design is good enough and good pacaking design can make you standout from your competitors. Consumer will remember a strong pacaking design.

Things that makes a packaging design stands out

Besides a good product name and good product, the packaging colour, packaging shape, packaging material used, packaging size are very imporatant when design an outstanding packaging. Lable design is not much different from packaging design. It is all about visiblility, clarity and eye-catching. People will buy the product simply because of the beautiful packaging design. For those who has been to Japan and Europe would understand how much consumers will appreciate packaging design. A beautiful pacaking design is worth more, more popular and better brand recognition, brand believe and followers.

Ad and magazine advertising Design

Mad Art Brochure and Catalogue Design from AUD $770 including: Brochure, Catalogue, Poster, Out Door, Annual Report, Billboard, In-Store Promotional Material, Magazine, Newspaper Ad, Promotional Stands, Canvas, Flyer, Exhibition Stands design

Web Design

Mad Art web design services including: Shopping cart, eCommerce and SEO prepared websites, online sales campaign tool, custom content management system, cross browsers compliance web design, mobile phone browser friendly webpage design, GUI design, Newsletter subscription and email marketing mailing list portal, blog, twitter, RSS and SMS solutions.

The most important factor in having a website is effective and professional web design. A website that stands out from the crowd is the difference between you and your competitors. Our web designers consult with you understand your business and the goal for the website design and web requirements. Using our experienced and expert web design skills we then design landing pages that attract visitors to act on those goals effectively. We are the expert web designers provide effective web design.

Mad Art is a highly skilled and experienced web design and development company that prides itself on being among the best in the World. Our web designers and developers plan objectives for your website and then using our proven development process and experience build your web solution. Our professional staff are able to deliver projects on time, to specification, meet the objective and budget. We have the state of the art web development knowledge and experience.

Logo Design, Corporate ID and Branding
Mad Art
Logo design, With Compliments Slip, Business Card, Letterhead, Envelopes, Corporate Presentation Folder, Presentation Templates (Powerpoint, Word), Email Template, CD/DVD Cover, Document Cover, Signage, Sticker
Advertising and Marketing Graphic Design Solutions
Mad Art
Brochure/Catalogue, Poster, Out Door, Annual Report, Billboard, In-Store Promotional Material, Magazine/Newspaper Advert, Promotional Stands, Flyer, Exhibition Stands
Label, Packaging and Product Display Stand Design
Mad Art
FMCG Branding, Wine Label Design, Retail Products, Household Products, Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, Industrial Products, Beauty Products/Cosmetics, Fashion Branding, Homewears
  • Shopping cart
  • eCommerce and SEO
  • Sales campaign tool
  • Customised content management system
  • Cross browsers compliance
  • Mobile phone browser friendly
  • Newsletter subscription and mailing
  • Blog, RSS and SMS
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