Boutique advertising agency in Melboure

Mad Art is a boutique, experienced and professional advertising agency in Melbourne. We developed and design effective ad campaigns. Mad Art has extensive experience in the jewellery industry and online baby clothing industry. You can see our advertising portfolio where Mad Art has designed many effective and eye-catching magazine ads for various jewellery magazines and baby and children ware fashion magazines. These ads has generated good response and results for our clients.

Mad Art produced effective and creative advertising design for the following clients: Foster's Group Limited, Itty Bitty Yuppy, MCG, Opals Australia, Oro Bello Jewellery, Public Health Campaigns, Soy Can, Utility, Convenience Advertising, National Bank, CGU, IAG, City of Melbourne, Victoria Police, Western Australia Police, Victoria AIDS council, Continence Foundation of Australia, Australian Drug Foundation, Fosters International, City of Hume, City of Bendigo, Zetta Florence, Swan Insurance, Full house advertising, Thai Airways, Accor Hotel Group, Audi Car, Daikin, Compaq Computers, Star Cruises, Department Health and Aging.

Big budget and small budget advertising

Advertising works. The more budget you invested in advertising the more sales and market share you will gain. Advertising including: TV ad, radio ad newspaper ad, magazine ad, billborad, outdoor media ad, poster, banner ad, cinema ad, and promotional materials such as coaster, bar mats design, tradeshow stand design

What makes advertising works?

Advertising effectiveness is based on the communication objective. A good advertising communication objective can bring outstanding results. Often people would adopt the me too advertising communication objective and we will help you to develop an orginal advertising communication objective that tells your target audience in the right tone and advertise information that is useful for them

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